Violence against Women and Girls

UNDP InfoSegura reinforces statistics and data on violence against women and girls in the different countries where the Project is being implemented. It has also brought different sectors and institutions together expanding coordination, advocacy and perspective, in order to effectively incorporate the gender approach into citizen security policies.


As a way to contribute to the effective incorporation of the gender approach in citizen security policies, the Project develops prioritization indexes, conducts research, publishes periodic analysis of violence against women and girls, supports victimization surveys and gender-sensitive indicators, and implements campaigns to prevent violence against women and girls.


  • Develop and implement multidimensional indexes of violence against women and girls and tools to help design and monitor public policies, national and territorial efforts and action plans.
    • Applied Index to monitor violence against women and girls in Guatemala  
    • Territorial Prioritization Index of Violence against Women and Girls in Guatemala and Honduras.



  • Regional and national information and awareness-raising campaigns Designed and disseminated communications and sensitization campaigns in Central America and the Dominican Republic, for the prevention and care of violence against women and girls: These campaigns have reached over 3 million people on social networks and more than 34 institutions have participated.
    • "Those no longer here" (Costa Rica)
    • This is where I get off (Costa Rica)
    • More than a number (Costa Rica)
    • 198 Call Center (El Salvador)
    • Awareness Campaign on Violence against Women and New Masculinities (Honduras)
    • #Nothing justifies violence against women (Guatemala)
    • Regional campaign against gender-based violence (CONOSE Network)
    • 16 Days of Activism (regional campaign)


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  • Creation of gender-sensitive indicators and conducting specialized research