Starting a new course on data for citizen security on the TrainAction platform

On Monday, May 29, the TrainAction platform kicked off Level II of the course on Citizen Security Data Processing and Management. Online course participants include those who passed Level I, and another group whose basic knowledge makes them apt to join the training cycle on information management.

In Level I, 83.2% of participants (134 people) earned their certification making them eligible to continue the training process that aims to enhance capacity for quantitative analysis using citizen security data. The second or intermediate level group is starting with approximate 140 people including technical-team members and analysts from our partners in five countries.

The five-level course on information management for citizen security was prepared in conjunction with FLACSO Guatemala, integrating the academic experience of teachers and tutors with updated data on incidents of violence and crime, in order to put together the exercises and cases provided by the partners.

TrainAction is a digital platform that the UNDP InfoSegura Regional Project has deployed in partnership with USAID where you can access specialized courses on knowledge management training, delving into information on citizen security and justice.